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World Parkinson Congress

World Parkinson Congress (Montreal, Canada)    Date: October 1st to 4th You are invited if interested in cutting edge research and care models. The congress is also an opportunity to network with the best researchers, clinicians, and most active PwP advocates all while raising awareness about Parkinson's and increasing the quality of life of people living with the disease. There will be a talk on MSA on October 3rd, which is World MSA

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Major Milestone in Multiple System Atrophy Research
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Major Milestone in Multiple System Atrophy Research June 18, 2013 The Japanese MSA research group led by Professor Shoji Tsuji have been working very hard for several years to identify the first MSA gene. Their new paper, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, highlights their discovery of Mutations in COQ2 in Familial and Sporadic Multiple-System Atrophy. Multiple System Atrophy was historically thought to be non-genetic in origin,

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October 3rd is World MSA Day

3rd of October is Multiple System Atrophy Day. Funmilayo Khafasat Fashina Foundation will join in the reflection in the common fight against MSA.  Please click the link below to learn more: http://www.world-msa-day.org/World-MSA-Day/WELCOME.html

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TOP 10 Things To Know About MSA
together against the odds

  TOP TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MULTIPLE SYSTEM ATROPHY TOP TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MULTIPLE SYSTEM ATROPHY These are things not normally highlighted in traditional literature about Multiple System Atrophy. This list was compiled from the collective experience (since 1995) of hundreds of members of the shydrager online support group for MSA founded by Vanderbilt University Autonomic Dysfunction Center staff and currently hosted

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A Synopsis of MSA – Multiple System Atrophy

Background: -          A progressive neurodegenerative disorder -          Hallmarks: autonomic dysfunction and motor symptoms (parkinsonism and cerebellar ataxia) -          Prevalence: 1 – 4.9 per 100, 000 -          Commoner: > 50 years; mean onset in 6th decade

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New face of FF Foundation

The Face of FF Foundation is bearing a new look at the launch of the organisation new website.

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MSA Awareness Ambassador

For their steadfast support of MSA patients and families, Funmi Fashina Foundation has been nominated as an “MSA Awareness Ambassador”. The badge serves as a pledge to support greater awareness for Multiple System Atrophy during March (MSA Month) and all year long. Cheers! http://www.msaawareness.org/?page_id=2633

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