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Monthly Archives: October 2013

First MSA textbook published!

The first ever medical textbook on Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) has been published. This work started with Professor Niall Quinn, a very active leader in MSA research in London who also taught Professor Gregor Wenning. Now the job is completed as Professor Wenning has continued in the idea and accomplished the feat of publishing the first MSA textbook. You can order the book here  

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FFFoundation Celebrates World MSA Day

The much-anticipated October 3 World MSA Day was marked in Nigeria by FFFoundation. An evening marked with a cocktail/Candle lighting was put together to mark the world MSA Day in Lagos. This symbolic candle lighting was carried out worldwide at exactly 8pm local time, thus creating a wave of illumination around the globe, signifying a part of this year's theme of "A mile and A candle".  FFFoundation was joined at

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