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Accenture Hosts the MSA SHOE in Nigeria

On the 2nd of June, 2016. The MSA SHOE went to its fifth destination in Nigeria at “Accenture PLC” (A leading global professional services company).  On getting there the Managing Directors were pleased to have the world famous (MSA SHOE) in their office.

The shoe was placed in a cool atmosphere for people to see after which a photo shoot section was organised for staffs of the company.

Accenture PLC was the office Late Mrs Funmi Fashina works before she died of Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) on the 18th of March, 2012. They have been very supportive to the Foundation and they partake in all her yearly activity.

We at Funmi Fashina Foundation really appreciate their support towards the foundation and MSA.

Some of the pictures taken after the cut:MD Accenture3MD AccentureMD Accenture 3



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