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American Celebrity Chef says Fight MSA

Kerry Simon, an American Celebrity Chef and restaurateur based in Las Vegas, who is also known by the moniker "Rock and Roll Chef" , given to him by the Rolling Stone magazine, is an executive chef and proprietor of "Simon", a restaurant at Palms Place in Las Vegas as well as other restaurants which include Simon LA in Los Angeles, California; Simon prime in Antlantic City, New Jersey and KGB in las Vegas.

Simon, who is best known for his apperance on "Iron Chef America", first revealed in December, 2013 that he is suffering with Multiple System Atrophy. He has a huge fundraiser coming up to support Multiple System Atrophy research and has already received the backing of many of his celebrity friends.

Simon has also launched a campaign in the fight against MSA.

You can visit his site: HERE

Please also visit and like his facebook page by clicking : HERE

Our voice gets louder; We will win this fight!!!

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