FF Foundation held her 5th Annual Workshop to create awareness amongst medical practitioners.

The topics for this year’s workshop are as follows:

  1. Parkinonism and Diagnosis of Parkinson Disease which was taken by  Prof N. Okubadejo
  2. Management of Parkinsonism ( PD and atypical parkinsonism) taken by Dr O.O. Ojo.
  3. Role of the Nurse in care of patients with parkinsonism  taken by both Matron Almona and Dr. O.O. Ojo
  4. Caregiver stress & psychosocial issues in parkinsonism also by  (Dr. O.O. Ojo & Matron Akinwunmi).

This year's workshop was attended by 46 attendees which include Doctors, Nurses, Phisiotherapist and health journalist. Below  are some of the pictures taken at the event