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FFFoundation Celebrates World MSA Day

The much-anticipated October 3 World MSA Day was marked in Nigeria by FFFoundation. An evening marked with a cocktail/Candle lighting was put together to mark the world MSA Day in Lagos. This symbolic candle lighting was carried out worldwide at exactly 8pm local time, thus creating a wave of illumination around the globe, signifying a part of this year's theme of "A mile and A candle".  FFFoundation was joined at St. Saviour's Hall, Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria by friends, family, well wishers and members of the Press to celebrate.

The event was anchored by Mr. Olumide Olayinka, a member of the Foundation's Board of Trustees. The welcome speech was given by Mr. Ajibade Fashina. Excerpts as follows:

"October 3rd is celebrated worldwide to mark World MSA Day and it is a day set aside to unite and reflect on the MSA cause with our friends and loved ones. It is also another opportunity to push the MSA campaign forward.

We lost Funmi about 18 months ago to this dreaded ailment and I still remember vividly the events leading to Funmi passing away and our struggle to understand this ailment, as well as our search to find some kind of solution and treatment to our pain. It is in this light and of course to continue to remember Funmi that we have set up the Foundation to create awareness for MSA, provide information to patients and their family members; information on where they can get help and in our own small way, support efforts in research towards finding a cure for MSA.

The Foundation in marking the world MSA day has decided to show two short documentaries, the first is an actual video of Rex Griswold’s Quest to Cure MSA; Rex is an MSA patient with a loving wife sharing his pain and experience. The other is a video of Prof. Gregor Wenning, who leads a collaborative network of MSA researchers known as Worldwide Movement Disorder Society MSA Group (MODIMSA); in this video he shares his experiences and achievements towards finding the cause and ultimately a cure for MSA.

In addition to this, at exactly 8pm, we shall be joining the rest of the world in lighting a symbolic candle as a symbol of respect and support for everyone that may be affected by MSA worldwide and for all those loved ones who have lost their battle in the past. The symbolic gesture will also be carried out everywhere in the world by persons, groups, families and friends united in the MSA cause.

The idea is that as candles are lit round the globe, a virtual 24-hour wave of light will be created as it moves from time zone to time zone. This will symbolically unite family and friends all over the world and bring awareness to MSA."

While Mr. Olumide further highlighted the significance of the gathering, as well as the goals of the Foundation, Mr. Olaniyi Sholanke, also a BOT Member, highlighted the importance of boosting awareness for MSA and encouraged continued solidarity. He pointed out that the Foundation is also looking to build and strengthen ties with medical experts and health institution(s) to see ways in which more can be achieved.

Three (3) MSA documentaries were shown on the night:



and excerpts from:


Mr. Anthony Risha (Chairman of the BOT) led the candle lighting, as  each guests lit a candle each as a mark of respect to MSA fighters around the globe and departed.

Let us stay united to fight this condition.

Special thanks to everyone present and to those could not make it but were supportive one way or another.

Best Wishes!


..You are not alone with MSA.


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