Happy new month.

In our bid to create awareness about Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), Oluwafunmilayo Khafasat Fashina Foundation a Nigerian support trust supporting the ongoing research of MSA would be hosting the “MSA SHOE” in Nigeria this month.

MSA SHOE is a small size shoe that symbolizes MSA, the sole mission of the shoe is to raise awareness about MSA.

The journey of the shoe began as an innocent prank among group of friends who would steal their friend’s shoe while he slept. A Facebook page of photos was created to show the shoe as it travelled about the neighbourhood ending in the strangest of places and in the company of different people. Shortly one of the friends Gretchen shared that when she showed the Facebook page to her mother Pearl, she laughed for the first time in months. Gretchen mother pearl was suffering greatly from the effects of MSA, so they decided to dedicate the shoe to MSA, spreading laughter to patients and awareness about MSA to all.

So far the shoe has travelled to dozens of countries and now its coming to Nigeria in our care to help use it to raise awareness and funds for the individulas suffering from MSA and the ongoing research.