Wisdom of Life


  • Creating awareness amongst the public is very important in order to sensitize the entire population and reduce the isolation people feel from having a rare disease that is not well known. We also need to raise awareness so that health and welfare professionals become more familiar with how to recognize and treat MSA and know to direct people to FFFoundation for additional information and support. Please contact us if you have public relations advertising or journalism skills and experience you would be willing to volunteer.
  • We also need volunteers to share their stories of life with MSA so we can present and the human side of MSA. Please contact us if you would be prepared to volunteer in this way.
  • Celebrity associations often attract the attention of the wider public. If you are, or you know somebody who is, well-known, irrespective of your field, we would love for you to contact us as this could help us raise awareness for MSA and raise much-needed knowledge and awareness of the disease and the Foundation.