October 3rd is World MSA Day!

October 3rd is recognized as World MSA Day worldwide. It is a day set aside to reflect on the Multiple Systems Atrophy campaign, a day to look back on how far we have come, what we have done and what we need to do to fight this dreaded beast to a stand.

It is a day to celebrate the lives of everyone that we have lost to MSA, to light a candle for an hour at 8pm  everywhere in the world, so that as we do this around the globe a wave of light will be created moving from time zone to time zone. This virtual 24-hour wave of light will represent our solidarity in the world against MSA.

It is also a day to create awareness for Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) by walking not less than a mile. The goal is to attempt to walk a cycle around the world (40,075 kilometres or 24, 901 miles around the Earth at the equator).  Every single step that you contribute counts in lending your voice and support to the MSA cause.

Last year, Oluwafunmilayo Khafasat Fashina Foundation hosted friends and family members to a cocktail and candle lighting event at the St. Saviour’s Hall. We were joined by no less than 60 people despite it being late in the evening of a work day. We are forever thankful for the solidarity and support we always get for the Foundation’s activities, all of which are ultimately geared towards creating more awareness for Multiple System Atrophy. It was a delight to be subsequently joined by these same participants and many more in the MSA Awareness Walk that followed.

For World MSA Day this year, apart from lighting the customary candles on the 3rd of October, we will embark on another MSA Awareness Walk. This time, we head to Ikeja in the mainland of Lagos. October 11th is the chosen date for this particular activity. This is due to the fact that October 3rd and 4th are likely to be Muslim holidays, as it happens to be the calculated due date(s) for the Eid El Kabir celebration. It is for this reason that we will have to extend the date by one week to October 11th for the benefit of our Muslim brothers.

Just like last year, we will be handing out free FFFoundation t-shirts to participants. We however encourage you to come along with the old T-shirts if you still have them. Light refreshments will also be provided. So get ready to join us as we celebrate World MSA Day.

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