Today (April 22) is Earth Day!

Earth day is celebrated every April 22nd worldwide. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the environment and supporting environmental protection. Various territories have their peculiar and diverse environmental issues and this day is set aside to pay serious attention to these problems and for environmental activism globally. This celebration is carried out in more than 192 countries annually.

Earth Day was actually first celebrated in 1970, following the UNESCO conference in San Francisco the previous year, where peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honour the Earth and the concept of peace.

44 years later, the importance of this day is not lost on us. A day to call attention to the major ecological challenges that we encounter today as humans in the territory we occupy. Here, in Nigeria, these includes: Erosions in the South-Eastern parts of the country, Desert encroachment and sand dunes in the North, Flooding in the South West, Oil spills in the Niger-Delta, polluting factories and power plants in the big cities rife with the effects of industrialization. Others include: raw sewage, the extinction of wildlife, etc

Some of these ecological hazards, like flooding and oil spills, have led to the loss of so many lives- Both marine and human. The current desert encroachment in the northern part of the country is regarded as the fastest in the history of the land. The flooding last year had also not been witnessed ever before.

It is only natural that if we take care of the Earth, the Earth in turn will take care of us. The global theme is "green cities". It is indeed in our best interest to strive to create sustainable communities, especially as the world’s population migrates more and more into cities.

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