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What’s next for Kerry Simon in his battle against Multiple System Atrophy

With a staggering $540,000 raised at last week’s first charity benefit Simon Says Fight MSA, a Kerry Simon Comprehensive Clinic and a neuroimaging program will be established at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

Last week's Charity benefit was indeed a success. Robin Leach served as MC for the night and joined Christian Kohlberg for the auction, which raised $152,000. Artist Peter Max’s donation of an at-home portrait drew $50,000 and an at-home dinner with Picasso chef Julian Serrano another $40,000. The Keep Memory Alive event center brought together star chefs and headline rockers from across the country. They all paid their own way. Even the volunteer waiters and bartenders generously took their tip jars and donated more than $1,000 to Kerry’s cause.

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