Hi Reader, if this is your first time here, we are pleased to have you and would like to introduce ourselves. We are a registered Nigerian Non-Profit Organization set up in 2013 in memory of the late Mrs. Funmi Fashina whom we lost to Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). The foundation’s goal is to create awareness for Multiple System Atrophy and to support individuals with the condition, as well as their families and caregivers.

MSA is a rare neurological disorder with no known risk factors, cause, remission, or cure. It is prevalent in 4.6 per 100,000 people and is characterized by problems with movement, balance, Ataxia, and other autonomic dysfunctions. To achieve our goal, we have successfully organized awareness walks, press conferences, and seminars for medical practitioners. We also have active social media pages where we constantly put out educational content on MSA.

Last year, on the 17th day of December 2022, as part of our annual events to create awareness for Multiple System Atrophy, we hosted another fundraising soccer tournament and raffle draw event after the pandemic break. It was a memorable day as we had supporters of the foundation gather at the Campos Stadium, Lagos Island from 9 am to make the day a success.

Eight teams competed in a 5-aside football game for the grand prize and runner-up prizes and other participants came with their purchased raffle tickets to win the most amazing prizes. We had raffle prizes ranging from Powerbanks to Bluetooth Speakers, to Pressing Irons, to Airfryers to a Flat Screen Television and Refrigerator. The winners definitely went home with huge grins on their faces, even children were not left out of the fun and wins.

This event would not have been possible if not for the participation and generous contributions from our board of trustees, individuals, and corporate organizations, the likes of Verraki Business Solutions, Inovere Nigeria Limited, Pedabo, Global PFI Limited, Blackcopper, Infoprive, Meristem Securities Limited, Mercedes Benz Club of Nigeria, Plural United Foundation, The Fearless Football Club and many others.

Proceeds realized from the tournament will be channeled to but not limited to the following:

  • Planning and Coordination of the annual MSA walk.
  • Planning and Coordination of activities for World MSA Day.
  • Health Workers’ training on Parkinson’s disease, Parkinsonism, and other movement disorders.
  • Provision of free medical care for Parkinson’s and MSA patients in Nigeria.
  • Other activities of the foundation aimed at creating awareness for MSA and supporting people affected by MSA in Nigeria.

Dear Reader, we ask that you join us in this cause by:

Donating- Your contribution will be used to fund awareness research and support programs.

Spreading the word- MSA is mostly unheard of, join us to raise awareness about MSA in your community by sharing our resources online and offline.

Participating – Do not be a spectator, actively participate in events organized for the MSA support cause. Follow our social media channels and share our content on Multiple System Atrophy and health.